At the heart of Europe in the Walloon Region, the Wagralim cluster was created through
collaboration between industry, universities, research centres and training centres. The
goal is to create value, improve performance, and position itself on the international
market, based on innovation.



By focusing on collaboration, the cluster implements innovative projects. Key to this are products with high added value, whose qualities meet the needs of customers and the demands of growing markets.The cluster is a privileged partner of competitiveness: it provides access to a network of European industrial and scientific excellence. Its expertise in international collaboration is a powerful tool to position itself on the global market.

Labelled and supported by the Walloon Regional authorities as one of the 6 “competitiveness clusters”, Wagralim has 4 strategic areas :

  1. The cluster promotes and supports businesses to develop products or ingredients beneficial to better health and nutrition. Specialising in various areas such as polyphenols and gut health, we provide scientific expertise and advanced performance.
  2. The cluster aims to strengthen the competitive position of companies through improved manufacturing processes and methods of food preservation. Our advanced production methods ensure high quality products recognized by the international markets for their food safety.
  3. The cluster innovates in the field of new generation packaging. We are leaders in biobased packaging from renewable raw materials that meet growing demand in the industry worldwide.
  4. The cluster is committed to creating value from the by-products of agro-industry. Theobjective is to reduce costs, while increasing the value and sustainability of production. Inaddition we develop more integrated and sustainable industries - in the dairy sector for example.

Today the Wagralim cluster is: 180 partners working together ; 27 labelled partnership projects, 20 regional projects and 4 international projects; more than 60 new products and processes developed; Each year more than 700 participants at seminars and "innovation" events ; 2 European networks of excellence "Food" (World Food Innovation Network and the European Food Alliance).

To strengthen our position on the world market, Wagralim hosts foreign delegations, organizes trade and technological missions, develops joint research project with foreign partners. Since 2013 the cluster has en office in Curtiba (Brazil) and a new Intelligence gathering Unit.


Isabelle Grommet, International & Communication Manager
Créalys Science Park
Rue Phocas Lejeune, 25
5032 Gembloux, Belgium
T +32 (0)81 728 543


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