Food Valley NL

Food Valley NL is the Dutch Food Cluster organization that boosts innovation performance by fostering collaboration between businesses, knowledge institutions and government. Food Valley NL support Dutch businesses on their international innovation.


logo-food-valley-nl.jpg The main themes of Food Valley are Health, Quality, Safety, Technology, Sensory & Structure, Sustainability and Biobased Economy. 138 Businesses and organizations in Europe, North America and Asia take part in Food Valley NL by joining the Food Valley Society.

Food Valley NL:

  • Cooperate with the industry on programs to reduce energy and water use, create new sources of protein, reduce food waste and increase productivity.
  • Cooperate with the industry and knowledge institutions on nutrition and health programs to develop foods for specific target groups.
  • Runs a permanent promotional campaign called ‘Food Valley NL, your guidance and support organization in Dutch agro-food innovation’.
  • Hosts foreign delegations, providing them with highly relevant, custom-made tours of The Netherlands.
  • Organizes joint exhibitions at trade shows and initiates trade missions called Food Tours.
  • Offers training sessions to help you get set up across the border and provide you with industry-specific market reports.
  • Is continually developing new forms of collaboration. We run themed programs to centralize the many types of support available. And we support Dutch businesses with international innovation projects
  • Unlocks the networks surrounding businesses, knowledge suppliers and other relevant partners. We create coalitions that focus on businesses' research questions and innovation topics.
  • Collects, interprets and provides relevant, focused innovation information.

Food Valley NL
Jeroen Wouters, Director International
Nieuwe Kanaal 7J
6709 PA Wageningen, The Netherlands
+31 (0)3 17 – 42 70 95


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